Based in New York, Lindsay Sullivan teaches alignment-based vinyasa yoga grounded in breath, attention and pranic awareness. Her classes follow a kind, thoughtful arc with clear structural direction, while holding space for both challenging physical exploration and quiet introspection. Seeing each practitioner as unique, her friendly, candid approach empowers students to take yoga off the pedestal and into our perfectly imperfect lives.

Lindsay offers private, corporate, and public classes and retreats to students spanning a range of ages, backgrounds and physical abilities. As a teacher of both yoga and meditation, she’s known for inspiring large groups, as well as creating transformative bonds with one-on-one clients.

For the past six years, Lindsay’s been committed to an exhilarating and formative yoga and meditation practice in the sutrayana and vajrayana paths of Buddhism. Also interested in the modern application of spiritual technology, Lindsay studies integral and positive psychology with Kimberley Theresa Lafferty at Yoga Studies Institute. And last year, she began exploring somatic and cognitive behavioral therapy with Dr. Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.

She credits the many yoga teachers who influence both her practice and teaching, including Angela Clark’s alignment-based vinyasa, Lara Brunn in the Iyengar method, Sarah Tomlinson’s approach to Ayurvedic Astrology, and J. Brown’s translation of Krishnamacharya’s therapeutic yoga. Lindsay Sullivan, registered yoga teacher (RYT), is a graduate of Yoga Studies Institute, Bija Kids Yoga, and Conquering Lion Yoga.